Pedalboard Snakes
Pedalboard Snakes
Pedalboard Snakes
Pedalboard Snakes

Pedalboard Snakes

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Want to upgrade your cabling game? Want to get rid of the duct tape, velcro ties, zip ties, and everything else holding together a mess of cables going from your pedalboard to your amp?

These snakes are specifically designed to to clean up your rig, speed up your setup and teardown, and boost your audio quality with high-quality, low-capacitance cable. A thick, rugged outer jacket is built for years of stage use.

Three audio cables are perfect for pedalboard users that also utilize the effects loop on their amplifiers. A fourth cable is wired using a TRS plug to control amp channel and/or effects switching from a controller such as a Boss ES-5/ES-8, RJM PBC Mastermind, or many others. It's a perfect configuration for four cable method setups.

Standard build has 12” fanouts on one end and 24” on the other. This keeps the pedalboard end clean and gives you enough flexibility on the amp end to accommodate different amp configurations.

Have specific fanout or labeling requirements? Reach out on the contact form to let me know what you need. Custom build requests are welcome!

The cable has an outer diameter of .55”.

Works well with patchbays or general I/O solutions designed for pedalboards such as:

GigRig Cinco Cinco
Friedman Buffer Bay and Junction Box
Temple Audio 4-Way Jack Patch Module
Best-Tronics Pedaltrain Patchbays


Neutrik NP2X-BAG (straight) plugs on audio channels
Neutrik NP3X-BAG (straight) plugs on signal channel
Techflex wrap on all audio channels


Description: 24 AWG OFBC with Foam Low Density Polyethylene insulation and a Semi Conductive PVC covering, a Bare Copper braid shield and an overall PVC Jacket.

Conductor: 24 AWG Oxygen Free (99.999%) Bare Copper
Inner Shield: Semi Conductive Black PVC
Outer Shield: 95% Minimum Coverage Bare Copper Braided
Jacket: Flexible Black Matte PVC, 0.178 outer diameter Conductor DC Resistance: 25.6 Ohms/1000 feet Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 20pF/ft


4 Conductor 24 AWG (42/40) Stranded Tinned Copper Audio Cable with PVC Jacket.

Shield: 95% Coverage 38 AWG Tinned Copper Braid
Jacket: Black Flexible PVC, 0.245 outer diameter
Conductor DC Resistance: 26.7 Ohms/1000 feet
Shield DC Resistance: 6.8 Ohms/1000 feet
Capacitance Conductor to Conductor: 40.3 pF/ft
Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 63.6 pF/ft