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DIY Soldered Cable Kit for 5 Channel Pedalboard Switchers

DIY Soldered Cable Kit for 5 Channel Pedalboard Switchers

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If you have a loop switcher on your pedalboard, you’ve certainly come to love a cleaner signal path, less tap-dancing and maybe even sophisticated MIDI control. You’ve probably also come realize how much cable you need to get them integrated into your setup.

This bundle of high quality Mogami W2314 cable, SP400 low-profile pancake plugs and SPS4 stubby 1/4” straight plugs will help you get all your pedals plugged into your new switcher quickly and cleanly.

Twenty feet of cable and twelve plugs of each type are enough to fill all five loops plus your input and output.

Forget solderless kits. Put your soldering skills to work and build cables that will last for years to come.

Need more? Check out my store for 8 and 10 channel versions of this bundle.

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