Squareplug SPS4
Squareplug SPS4
Squareplug SPS4

Squareplug SPS4

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SPS4 is the world’s smallest straight soldered 1/4” plug with strain relief.

As jack spacing gets tighter all the time, even on our pedalboards, players are forced to look for smaller connector options with ever-smaller profiles.

For applications where a right-angle or pancake plug just won’t fit, look no further than the SPS plug, the smallest 1/4” straight plug available with strain relief.

Two screws on either side of the jack grip the outer jacket of the cable, providing a simple and effective strain relief.

The circular groove that extends around the plug provides a comfortable grip, and makes plugging and unplugging a breeze.

SPS4 Specs

Body diameter - 13mm
Body length - 21mm
Maximum cable outer diameter - 4.8mm
2 solder tabs
Insulation tube

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